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Luving Me Naturally

Luv My Body Mist

Luv My Body Mist

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Create the perfect ending with Luv My Body Mist, the final layer in your fragrance routine. While it shines as a standalone star, it also adds the perfect finishing touch after using your favorite fragranced shower gel, exfoliating with a body scrub, and moisturizing with a body butter or milk. This lightweight mist is a refreshing choice for summer and can easily be taken on-the-go for a quick refresh.. 

ingredients: distilled water, fragrance, glycerin, and a solubilizer to mesh them all together.

Product is made when ordered.

Experience the unique and individual craftsmanship of our products. Please note that due to the handmade process, slight variations in color and scent may occur between batches. Embrace the charm of these small differences and indulge in the one-of-a-kind qualities of Luv My Body Mist.

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