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Shower Gel

Shower Gel

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Transform your shower routine into a luxurious and personalized experience with this versatile shower gel. Effortlessly clean and nourish your skin with minimal and gentle ingredients, while indulging in your favorite or new fragrances. Add a body scrub for extra exfoliation and moisturize with your choice of body butter, oil, or milk. Finish off with a refreshing body mist and a shower melt for the ultimate pampering session. Discover the power of this all-in-one shower gel and elevate your shower game! Caution: be careful of slippery surfaces when using body scrubs in the shower. Indulge your senses and never want to leave the shower with our shower melt option.

To use: wet skin. squeeze a small amount on a puff or wash cloth to apply to body. rinse well. do not ingest or get in eyes. discontinue use if skin irritation occurs. 

ingredients: mild surfactants (cleanse and make the bubbles), glycerin, xanthan gum, distilled water & fragrance.

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